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Hotel Stylings: Mr. C

Let Our Hotels Inspire Your Home. 

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Mr. C has reinvented the idea of a timeless hotel experience with its classically European vibe and luxurious design elements.  Looking further into the hotel’s interior, there are impressive styling techniques that could be versatile in any room, in any home.

Precious metals

When introducing the idea of metal accessories into one’s home, some misconceptions may be too glaring to overcome. Too modern? Too cold?  However, if we take a lesson from Mr. C and their sharp-looking guestrooms, adding a touch of metal in a subtle way can add a lot of versatility into one’s décor.  Whether it be a lamp, metal-framed mirror, or even a metal vase that you can fill with voluminous white flowers… there is something about using metals that can add another dimension to a house.

Some novel ideas:


Z GALLERIE SILVER BOOKS, $159.60         Z GALLERIE VASES, $39.95      WEST ELM Martini Side Table $129

Still can’t get past the contemporary notion? Try pewter or mercury glass for a more rustic alternative.

WEST ELM Mercury Vases $12- $39

(Photos taken from and ) Click to buy


 Splendid Nightstands

When decorating a bedroom, some people get caught up in the fun of choosing linens, pillows and the more ‘exciting’ elements associated with room decor. However don’t let the other, seemingly not important, furniture components go unnoticed by your keen eye.  For example, look at how well Mr. C has carefully balanced comfort and practicality with their stunning bedside tables.  What could be a vintage suitcase steadied on silver crossed stands; not only does the side table exude a vintage feel, but its sharp lines and simple color scheme make it pop in an otherwise plain room.

We love a similar look from:

Z GALLERIE Concerto Nightstand, $399

PAUL MCCOBB 1950s Lacquered nightstand $3600

(Photos taken from and Click to buy


Creamsicle dreams

I scream, you scream, we all scream for beige and cream! One thing that Mr. C does well is the skillfully executed use of neutrals without having their rooms seem bland.  Perhaps it is the juxtaposition of white and black, whatever it is – the rooms seem expansive and cozy with the warm non-color walls. One suggestion, when bravely sticking to a nude color scheme, is to not be afraid to demonstrate your wherewithal with pops of color. Whereas Mr. C gets an A for boldly going buff, an A+ would have been doled out if the white bouquet on their living room table were a striking vermilion bunch!

Wanting to incorporate shades of sand, nude and anything neutral into your home? Here are a few ideas…some big, some small:

RESTORATION HARDWARE Suede Pillow Covers in Sand, $39 – 74


Z GALLERIE Lamp in Ivory, $159       Z GALLERIE Headboard $449      Z GALLERIE Candles $12.95


WEST ELM Tulip Leather Chair, $699            WEST ELM Lantern Cubes, $29-34

(Photos taken from, and Click to buy



Mr. C

1224 Beverwil Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90035

(310) 277-2800


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