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Fashion, Style & Beauty 21 Oct 2012

From Icon to Everyday: Audrey Hepburn


Audrey Hepburn is by far the most  legendary style star, imitated by women of all ages throughout any decade. She embodied grace, elegance and style in not only her fashion and wardrobe, but her actions and lifestyle as well. As the muse for Hubert de Givenchy, together they catapulted the Little Black Dress into the fashion world. Audrey was a woman who knew what she liked and knew exactly what looked best on her slender ballerina body type. After meeting Givenchy in 1953 on the set of Sabrina, she began a lifelong commitment to him, wearing his clothes exclusively for all of her films and her own personal appearances. She says it all about her take on fashion when she said, “Why change? Everyone has his own style. When you have found it, you should stick to it.” Her clothes were perfectly tailored, clean-cut and timeless; her style was unpretentious elegance, yet always perfectly executed. While many of us try to emulate her fashion sense, Hepburn is a woman who deserves imitation simply as a graceful modern woman. Whether at work, in relationships, or at parties, she always carried herself with elegance and poise. She constantly displayed a respect and appreciation for others, always with an air of refinement. She is THE style icon for the modern woman. There’s a reason women tend to say (as a popular book about Hepburn is titled) “What would Audrey do?”

Audrey’s Style

We have delved into what made Audrey Hepburn’s style so memorable and put a modern spin on it—so that the glamorous style icon in you can channel this icon’s timeless style. Here is how to adapt Audrey’s classic style to twenty-first century clothes and beauty.

The Perfect Face

Hepburn was born with an enviable face, a desirable bone structure, glowing skin, and sparkling doe-eyes. Many people call her the most beautiful woman of all time,  because she embodied a natural beauty of someone whose beauty and generosity showed from the inside out. While it would serve us all well to live like Audrey, luckily we have a few tricks to mimic her beauty. Focus on making your skin glow and enhance your God-given eye shape to master your own classic beauty.

Inside Audrey’s closet:

For a modern interpretation of Audrey’s makeup, try something like this:

Jane Iredale “Dream Tint” Moisturizer and Primer   

MAC eyeliner 


The Little Black Dress shot to stardom when Hepburn donned Givenchy’s creation in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. One is never overdressed nor underdressed in an LBD, making it the perfect go-to clothing option for any time of day and any event. The key is to find a modern version that flatters your own body type. Fit and tailoring is KEY for the LBD.

Inside Audrey’s closet:

For a modern interpretation of Audrey’s dresses, try something like this:

Big shouldered black lace dress 

Bead-shoulder ruched cocktail dress 

She Loved the Classics

Her casual-wear was completely marked by classics. Whether slacks, jeans or capris; and simple turtle-necks, boat necks, and button downs, it was always simple and elegant. She wore day dresses that accentuated her tiny frame and waist. For a casual Audrey Hepburn look, stick to classic staples and keep it simple and chic.

Inside Audrey’s closet:

For a modern interpretation of Audrey’s classics, try something like this:

Polka dot cotton dress fitted at waist 

Button down blouse in white 

When She Glammed

For glamorous award shows, movie premieres and black-tie events, Hepburn always embraced her slender ballerina figure. She lived during a time where most female celebrities wore highly sexualized clothing, with a silhouette of large breasts, a small waist, and a larger backside. She went against the norms of her era and stuck to simple gowns that accentuated her incredibly tiny waist and showed off her clavicle; she was a true ballerina. Jewelry, hair and make up were always minimal. And pearls were always an Audrey staple.

Inside Audrey’s closet:

For a modern interpretation of Audrey’s high glam, try something like this:

Deep purple waist-cinching gown 

 Pearl twisted hammock necklace 

To see more of our modern Audrey Hepburn inspired photo shoot, click the pictures below!




 Model: Tiffany Brouwer

Concept & Photography: Pandora J. Sabo

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