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Summer Swimwear: Hottest Poolside Trends

Swimwear is one of my favorite ways to add a little bit of chic to your summer wardrobe. A fantastic, affordable way to delve into trends without sacrificing your summer classics, swimwear is the way to go if you want to be fashion-forward! From daring cutouts to bright prints, here’s a look at 2016’s hottest poolside trends.

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Lace Ups

Laces are the name of the game this summer. An elegant way to feature a backless one-piece, the hint of risqué that these one-pull stunners bring is just the right amount of allure for a normally demure suit!


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Striking Prints 

No more monochrome this summer! Don’t be afraid to show your wild side with some fabulous prints this season. The brighter, bolder and more striking the better!

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High Necks

The overly prevalent crop top trend has spilled over into swimwear and resulted in one of my favorite looks: high-neck bikini tops are peppering every line this season. Slightly more covered up than a traditional bikini, this look is as unique as it is fabulous!

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Cutouts & Crochet

A little peek is all these suits offer and they’re as fun as they are chic. From crochet inserts on the side of a bikini bottom, to one-piece cutouts, you can’t go wrong with some unusual details this summer!


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Major Bling & Animal Print Shades

This is the year of poolside decadence, so don’t be afraid to accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Wear that statement necklace with a low cut one piece, add oversized earrings to your high neck top, and rock some killer shades everywhere you go… Summer 2016 is all about glam!

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Model: Tiffany Brouwer

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