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Ashley Walker

Beauty & Lifestyle Columnist

Hailing from a small town in Massachusetts, Ashley is a writer and former English teacher. After graduating from college, Ashley taught high school English for 5 years, intent on using her love of literature and creative writing to positively affect young lives. Ashley recently moved to Los Angeles to attempt to figure out how to mesh her love of writing, teaching, beauty, and all things fashion. She currently works as a stylist, while constantly reading, writing for her blog, and exploring her love of fashion. Ashley is excited to be a part of The Divine Addiction, and encourage women to feel empowered and beautiful through her love of fashion, style and beauty. She currently lives in Hollywood with her dog Sammy.

Ashley’s addictions: Cupcakes, antiques, hiking, the perfect coffee mug, breaking in the binding on books, working out, aviator sunglasses, making her own clothing, coral lip gloss, retail therapy, breakfast.