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Jasmine Hall M.A.

Health & Nutrition Expert

Jasmine Hall is The Food Apothecary, a plant-based nutritionist in Los Angeles. Working with the healing properties inherent in wholesome, natural foods, she artfully creates a powerful environment for the body to repair itself. Each client she works with is unique and different, so sometimes that simply means shedding a few pounds, and others it means recovering from a more serious illness. As a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, she treats all parts of the whole to bring about balance and nourishment in the bodies and lives of her clients. Jasmine is also a certified yoga instructor. She believes that we really CAN feel comfortable in our bodies and in our lives by learning how to nourish and nurture ourselves through food and practicing positive lifestyle habits. Jasmine is excited to bring her knowledge and healthy outlook to The Divine Addiction.

Addictions: yoga, health food, meditation, spirituality, romantic films, English films, English humor, English tea time, warm and cozy sweaters, all things vegan, colorful manicures, Taylor Swift, freshly laundered sheets, holding hands with my husband, and playing with new recipes.