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Julia Helena

Lifestyle Columnist

Julia was born and grew up in Los Angeles, where she attended college and received a degree in Philosophy. Since there are no jobs in philosophy, she works for a music management company that handles acts, producers and executives — some emerging, many legendary. A lifelong and avid music buff (and classically trained pianist), Julia was raised on her parents’ rock & roll and now enjoys being able to work with many of her favorite musicians and producers. In the age of auto-tune and file-sharing and a music industry widely considered to be in disarray, Julia will offer an insider’s perspective without losing focus about what ultimately matters: truly great music, be it a new album, a live show, or an internet sensation. Aside from music, Julia loves film and fashion — it is all art, after all.

Julia’s addictions: Champagne, sushi, rock’n’roll, fine art, steak tartare, steel guitar, Tom Cruise movies, anything Japanese, sports montages, red wine, sarcasm, bears.