A couple sitting together and eating a boule of healthy food

Yes, this is the most important question we need to ask ourselves regarding our health. Nowadays, in our modern world culture most of us not leading a healthy life, we can’t say that the food has been changed and we are busy in our work. Our health is depending on us, we can’t blame anyone for it, and we must keep our body fit and healthy. In this fast-moving world, people should spend some time on their health too because it is the most important thing among all kinds of activities. If we start to spend time for ourselves, then we can get the answer to the above question because we will come to know what we are having daily, how we are maintaining our body, and what things we need to avoid. At the same time, we can have many questions as well as answers too.

How food helps us?

Everyone thinks that maintain a healthy body will be a big task, we need to spend money on it and need to allot time for our body maintenance to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. Of course not, just changing the food culture and regular workouts will change our life completely. First people should aware of their health and know about the dos and don’ts, then only we can maintain our body. Eating healthy foods, daily workouts, and proper sleeping pattern is most needed things in our life. People should prefer home-cooked foods than outside foods because our body will naturally adapt to the home foods than other kinds of foods. An apple keeps the doctor away; according to the proverb at least we should include one seasonal fruit in our daily diet. We can gain proteins, vitamins, and all kinds of sources from veggies, fruits, and non-veg.

Does fitness body help us to keep healthy?

Of course, the answer will be a big yes; we need not think anything further. How fitness will keep us healthy? We can say that eating healthy food is sufficient to maintain our body, even many of us will have this thought too, but it is the wrong opinion. We should do some workouts like walking, jogging, cardio, simple basic exercises, cycling, swimming, etc., to maintain our body fit. By doing the regular exercises, our body will get adapt to it and we can feel fresh and energetic throughout the day. Eating healthy foods alone will not change us into healthy, some physical activities should also include in our daily routine.

What do we need to include in our daily routine life?

There are few things we need to include in our daily life to make us feel healthy and fit. They are,

  • Food- people should include one veggie and fruit in their daily diet along with nuts and non-veg.
  • Water- the most important thing for living creatures, need to consume 3 liters of water per day.
  • Physical activities- people should engage 30 minutes daily in workouts.
  • Sleep- we should have 6 to 8 hours of peaceful sleep without any disturbances.