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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and, while the idea of a candlelit dinner with a romantic partner showering you in love and affection may seem lovely, it isn’t the reality for many of us – and that’s okay! Whether it’s because your relationship status currently reads “single” or because you’re not able to spend February 14th with the one you desire, we propose that you can -gasp – STILL enjoy Valentine’s Day! All it takes is a little thinking outside the box and looking at it from a new perspective! Here are some delightful alternatives:


Go on a Girl Date. There’re not many people who know us better than our besties. They can read us like a book: they know our favorite foods and wine, how to make us smile, and they know better than to try to talk in the middle of our favorite song when it’s playing on the radio. There’s nothing more comforting or wonderful than a good friend. So, this Valentine’s Day, consider reserving the evening for the partner that never lets you down and loves you unfailingly. Get dressed up, go out to an indulgent dinner at your favorite restaurant (heck, you can probably even order for one another), belly laugh until your stomach hurts, and “cheers” to your amazing and long lasting relationship! To arrange a grander date, you might want to consider playing some fun sports betting games via cebofil.org.


Have a Solo Night In.  Deliberately deciding to spend the evening solo may seem a bit odd, but hear us out! Enjoying your own company and spending time alone is something that we should all seek out – there’s nothing as freeing or satisfying as saying “I choose me” and being at peace with solitude. Reserve the time you’d usually give to someone else with the intention of pampering yourself. Treat yourself with love, appreciation, and gratitude. Bring in all of your favorites: A delicious meal, some good wine, and indulgent sweets. Settle in with some of your favorite movies in the most comfortable clothing you own and bask in your awesomeness. This is about treating yourself with the love you deserve!

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Have An Adventure. Life can sometimes get monotonous – why not use Valentine’s Day as a chance to treat yourself to something you would NEVER normally do? Grab a loved one and your sense of adventure! Options are endless: from horseback riding to a trapeze-ing class, to the experience of dining blindfolded – there is something out there for EVERYONE! Make the day about falling more in love with your life. Again, think outside the box and conjure up the perfect limit-pushing activity for yourself!


Spread the Love. Okay, we know Valentine’s Day has generally been about romantic love, but why just focus on one type when there are SO many kinds of love to be found?! This Valentine’s Day, make it a point to show EVERYONE love. Seek out opportunities to show the world some appreciation and make people smile. Buy a dozen roses and hand each one out to a different person, write out messages of love and leave them on random cars in a parking lot, treat the people you see every day (the front desk person at the gym or the person pouring your coffee everyday, for example) to a sweet treat like cupcakes. The idea is to show not only the people you hold closest love, but also the people you cross paths with throughout the course of your day. You NEVER know how much a simple kind gesture can make for someone.


Got another fabulous Valentine’s Day alternative to add to this list? Leave it in the comments section! We’d love to know what you do to think outside the box