A cake made to look like a face


If The Divine Addiction knows one thing, it’s that diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. So, when we find a company that features diamonds at affordable prices (no really, their diamond jewelry starts at $88), we have to sing it from the rooftops! When we stumbled across La Soula Jewelry, we were thrilled at the selection of reasonably-priced real diamond jewelry that includes everything from stunning pieces to casual every-day loves. To protect your cards when you are shopping, you might want to consider buying card wallets from concealplus.com/collections.


La Soula’s line features a variety of styles from statement diamond earrings to delicate diamond rings…but the items we love most? Their diamond Littles collection. From $88-$168, their range of adorable, tiny, diamond necklaces is the perfect combination of real diamonds and whimsical designs and they make the perfect gift!


Who wouldn’t love a real diamond necklace that is unique, special and gorgeous… while also fun and low-key? From tiny white & black diamond evil eyes, to miniature horseshoes, we love all of their quirky Littles!


Another thing we love about La Soula is their Build Your Own section. It’s the perfect way to customize a gift for friends and family. You can pick the necklace chain you love and fill it with a variety of charms of your choice. With options ranging from the more expensive black diamond heart charms, to personalized birth stone charms, to gold and diamond letter-discs, the options are endless. It’s the perfect way to let someone know exactly how much they mean to you.


Check out La Soula’s full collection here!