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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so, before it ends, why not do something to get involved? Our new addiction, Love Premium Denim is a great way to show your support and raise awareness for a cause that is hugely important to us at The Divine Addiction. If you’re looking for a fabulous pair of jeans, why not buy some that give back too?


Not only are many of the styles named after breast cancer survivors, Love Premium Denim donates a portion of the proceeds from each pair of jeans they sell to the CURE Foundation for breast cancer awareness! It’s a great way to contribute to a fabulous cause and feel great about the clothes you wear.


And they will make you feel great! One of the things we love about these jeans is their emphasis on comfort. They are designed by women for women so that you can feel at ease and comfortable! The cut and fit includes waistbands that tuck in the tummy, soft every-day material, and flattering silhouettes.


Love Premium Denim celebrates women and wants them to look their best. The jeans are designed for every body shape, whether you’re straight, curvy or petite. They are the first and only denim engineered with a one-of-a-kind blend of 35% Lycra with “Hold-You-In” technology designed to flatter any shape. The jeans are extremely comfortable and never lose their shape!


All of this and supporting a cause we are passionate about? We’re in!

Buy yours here!

For more about donating to Breast Cancer Awareness check out The Cure Foundation,  Susan G. Komen or the National Breast Cancer Foundation !!