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Trendlee is an online hub for a highly-curated selection of luxury pre-owned handbags and we are obsessed! Specializing in only luxury brands (such as Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton etc) Trendlee offers customers a chance to own some of these incredible bags at a pretty great price. The best thing about handbags is that they don’t show wear-and-tear like clothes do so, in all reality, who’s going to know it was pre-owned?


Dress: LuLu*s, Bag: Trendlee

Featuring a large variety of options, with more coming in monthly, Trendlee really does have something for everyone. Each item on their website is unique, as they have only one of each kind, so make sure to check back monthly when they get new stock in. So far we’ve been drooling over multiple Chanels, Balenciagas and Birkins. The bag we’ve featured is a gorgeous white wool and tweed Chanel that goes with just about everything!


Boots: LuLu*s, Diamond Heart Ring: Danielle Stevens 

From the bags we’ve seen, the condition has been fantastic. Trendlee promises to maintain a high bar with regards to quality. When buying pre-owned or vintage products, condition is always a huge concern, and buying from Trendlee can eliminate some of the nerves. The great thing about them is that they are always transparent in the description and images of the bags featured, meaning you know the current condition of every bag before you buy!


The other thing we love is that Trendlee takes authenticity extremely seriously and guarantees it for your purchase. It’s always a little nerve-wracking buying pre-owned products, but having a certification of authenticity makes it a lot easier! Working with in-house experts, each bag is purchased from owners and authenticated. The best thing? If for some reason something is proven to be unauthentic, Trendlee will reimburse your money.

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