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The Emmys are just around the corner… and The Divine Addiction stopped in for a private showing of the red carpet’s secret weapon… no, it’s not the latest juice cleanse – it’s shapewear.


While the concept of shapewear is as old as the world’s first corset, women still struggle with finding shapewear that is both flattering and comfortable. TC Fine intimates introduced us to their line of the product, which is designed with modern women in mind.

Are you a shapewear newcomer or don’t know where to start? Here are some basic tips and tricks to get you started and get the most out of your shapewear:

1. No wishful thinking. So many women think that if you get a smaller size it will slim you even further – when instead, you’ll just end up creating unsightly rolls in places you definitely don’t want them! You wear the same size in shapewar that you wear in your clothes (do not go down a size).

2. Put them on correctly. To slip into a bottom style garment accurately, fold the top over, roll the top down, step in, and then roll up. Also, roll the leg holes up before putting your legs through. No pulling! If you yank them up, it’ll just stretch your skin and not control properly.

3. Size for your body type. Accommodate the largest part of your body when choosing a size – otherwise parts of your body will be squeezed into a piece that doesn’t fit, leading to rolls.

4. Target your problem areas. Have a little tummy? Perhaps need a rounder derriere? Opting for a dress that needs as much hold as possible? Choose a style that targets your problem area – not all shapewear is the same!

5. The Basic Rule? If it rolls down or up, that is not your size. It is too small!

That said, TC’s shapewear isn’t a “one size fits all” concept. Check out their tips below for finding the perfect shapewear for your outfit (even if it’s not an Emmy gown!):

1. A pant suit. Opt for a Long Leg Torsette like Style 4241.  For a pantsuit, you want complete all over smooth, firm control – no rolls in the tummy or the legs.

2. A skin tight bodycon dress.  Try the All-in-one Full Body Torsette Slip or Strapless. For a bodycon dress, you want as much control as you can get, without any unnecessary straps or contraptions. This piece lets you wear your own bra, which means you can customize for the dress you’re wearing.

3. An A-line dress. The Bodysuit Style or High Waist Brief. This is all about waist and backside. This piece smoothes and controls, giving definition to a fitted dress.

4. Jeans. Try the High Waist Thong. No unnecessary leg parts, just tummy and butt control.

5. Shorts. For shorts you want the Waisted Shaper Style Brief. Almost like a super fitted pair of underwear, these give you the least amount of coverage while still holding you in!

Have a great Emmy weekend!