The History Of Astrology

You may be curious about the history of astrology and for example, how the pisces sun aries moon afects our lives. This article provides a brief background on ancient astrology, including Mesopotamian divination and Platonic astrology. It also discusses the history of modern astrology. This information should help you to learn more about this fascinating field. After reading this article, you will feel better equipped to explore the vast field of astrology.

pisces sun aries moon

Platonic astrology

Platonic astrology has a very long history, stretching back to the time of Plato, who mentions celestial portents in Timaeus. Epinomis, his student, extended the knowledge of astronomy into astral piety. Many other astrological works were actually influenced by the philosophy.

Mesopotamian divination

The Babylonians were legendarily good at divining the skies, and the roots of astrology and astronomy can be traced to the cuneiform tablets they left behind. “The Heavenly Writing” examines Babylonian Astrology and Astrology as an Art Form, and its relationship to personal astrology. The book examines the nature and goals for Mesopotamian celestial sciences’, without compromising the integrity of the ancient art.

Modern astrology

The emergence of modern astrology has been accompanied by a rise in new-age exploration in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and it was further fueled by developments in psychology. In the 1890s, Alan Leo was instrumental in popularizing the sun sign as a character indicator. This period was called the ‘New Age’, and the group sought to mine spiritual traditions for wisdom. Leo justified his attempts to simplify astrology to better understand humanity’s psyche and to spark legal disputes in early 20th century.

Its influence on millennials

According to the Pew Research Center’s study, the Millennial generation has shown an increase in interest in astrology. This is not surprising considering the results. Millennials are upbeat, self-expressive, and less religious than previous generations. They have long been fascinated by astrology, and many practitioners use it as a way to process their emotions and challenges. Astrology has been linked to New Age practices.