paints are hang on a wall

What is art?

Art is life itself. The pages of life when we turn, each leaf can tell a tale of art. The art that made or transformed our life. How can you differentiate a dancer from a dance? The same is the case of life and art. From the cave images to the graphic designs; From the tribal dance to the fusions everywhere art has stood with culture and humanity. Life and art are entangled together to be one. There isn’t any separation.
Art for entertainment.. whether it is a marvelous composition, finely crafted clothing, a well-written poem, a sculpture with fine nuances art transports a kind of entertainment than beauty to mind. More than grabbing attention from the seekers it may result in introspection in some viewers. Some art may leave you spellbound and some emotional but some will make you think and introspect.

Art comes from the conflict of creativity. An artist sees, hears, feels, and tries to mimic what he perceived in art. Once he puts his signature and style to it, it becomes a copy of the original thought or idea. Art becomes art when the audience can enjoy the same or multiple ideas created by the artist. There is no subtle requirement that art should provide the audience what the artist has embarked in the art. Art is traversable. That is why certain novels and cinemas which are written long before are still a favorite of the new generation.

An investment in art is an investment for your heart and brain. The investment done by the artist and the audience creates harmony of mind.

Now comes the question. Whether every art entertains you?

Art that entertains you may be empty in intellect. Certain artistic forms will be too complex that the audience needs the artist’s help to understand the real essence of art forms.

People say art is expressing yourself. But I would say artists Express what they want to become through art. But in the great concern of making art a source of entertainment, artists forsake their creativity and intellect. There the artist needs to Express what the audience wants to become. After all the deletions and additions the true art of the artist become a source of entertainment. But what has lost in this process is true art. Showcasing the fantasy and background specialties that are focused on by visual artists these days rather than expressing their minds art.

The gateways of true art open when the audience takes it seriously rather than considering it as a mere way of entertaining. Art evokes our mind to a state of achievement. It cannot be bought with money. The pleasure that entertainment brings you is counted and known. There is nothing beyond it. Whereas art converts an individual. Be it for good or bad.
Entertainment has nothing to do with life but what art does is different. Entertainment relieves you but art provokes you. In a gist art insight you. An artist makes you get the same insight.