Natural Sapphire Pendant

Sapphire is the stone of wisdom, truth, and spiritual liberation. It is a powerful healing gemstone that helps to cut out toxicity encouraging the body to detox.

A Natural Sapphire Pendant is a symbol of commitment, fidelity and following the thread of your own destiny. It is a gemstone that is revered by royalty throughout the centuries.


Sapphire is one of the Big Three gemstones–those that are considered most valuable in jewelry–and a popular choice for engagement rings and special occasion necklaces. It is a durable gemstone that also represents devotion and loyalty. This makes it the gem of royalty’s choice. The color of blue sapphire is the most famous, but this natural gemstone comes in many colors and qualities. Sapphires come from the mineral corundum. It contains trace elements, which determine color. Iron and titanium are two of the trace elements that give blue sapphires their lustrous beauty. When these elements with chromium are replaced, sapphire is transformed into ruby.

Natural Sapphire Pendant

Color is the main factor that determines a sapphire’s value. The best blue sapphires will be velvety, with vivid saturation in a medium-dark to medium-dark color. They should be free from flaws which diminish their beauty. This includes cloudiness and bluish castings. Large blue sapphires with these characteristics are rare and expensive.

It’s possible to find sapphires in colors other than red, but they are not as common. Fancy sapphires are known as fancy corundum and can be found in a range of colors, including yellows, oranges, pinks, purples, and greens. Fancy sapphires come in larger sizes than blue sapphires. However, they are usually more expensive.

Sapphires that show different bodycolors when viewed from different directions are called pleochroism. In a sapphire, this means that it shows greenish blue and violetish blue when viewed from the sides and a deep blue when viewed face-up. This pleochroism enhances the value of sapphires, especially when they are well-centered and easily visible at arms length.

Another desirable trait is a star in a sapphire. This phenomenon occurs when a stone has inclusions of rutile and hematite that reflect light into a star shape. It can be found in any color of sapphire, although black star corundum is the rarest. The star should be distinct and symmetrical. The size and type of inclusions in a sapphire can affect the quality of the stone. Also, the cutter’s ability to position them so that the star is visible will also influence the quality.


The clarity of sapphires is one of the most impressive features. Sapphires have a unique quality in that their appearance is affected by the inclusions. Gemologists determine the sapphire’s grade of clarity by evaluating their visibility and nature. This is usually classified as Type 1 (eye clean), Type 2 or type 3. The lower the number of inclusions, the higher the clarity.

This gorgeous natural sapphire pendant has a majestic oval sapphire, surrounded by sparkling Diamonds. It is unique in its sparkle and presence. The sapphire is a deep royal blue with superior clarity. It makes a stunning statement piece that exudes timeless elegance.

The natural beauty of the sapphire stone is enhanced by an array of white diamonds. These diamonds perfectly complement its vibrant colors and captivating shapes. The total weight of the white stones is 1.05ctw. They are F color with VS clarity.

Before being cut into jewelry, natural sapphires are subjected to several treatments that improve their color and clarity. Heat treatment is another method used to permanently enhance the color. It’s a natural, safe process. Not all sapphires have been heat-treated, and many others have been enhanced using other methods.

When choosing a sapphire, it is important to choose a naturally untreated specimen. This will ensure that the sapphire was not subjected harmful chemical treatments which could have altered its clarity or color. At With Clarity, we only carry high-quality sapphires that have been carefully selected and hand-picked to be as pure and genuine as possible.

When selecting a sapphire, it is also important to consider the cut and polish. Poorly cut sapphires can lose their brilliance because they have a dull, opaque appearance. With Clarity, we only carry sapphires that have been cut to the highest standards. This means you can be sure your sapphire is going to shine brightly and look stunning. We offer sapphires with various cuts, including princess, round and marquise.

Carat Weight

When choosing a blue-sapphire necklace, the carat weight is a key factor to consider. It determines the overall size and length of the piece. A larger carat weight sapphire will appear bigger in scale and provide a more dramatic appearance than a smaller carat weight gem.

Blue sapphires are available in a variety of sizes and colours. This is because blue sapphires are a naturally occurring mineral with many variations in color and clarity. This makes it easy to find a sapphire necklace that suits your personal style and budget.

Many sapphires are heat treated to enhance their natural beauty. This process is permanent, and it’s a common practice within the jewelry industry. There are some natural sapphires that are available in their untreated, unheated form. Some of these rare gems are incredibly beautiful and highly prized by jewelry collectors.

Sapphires come in a variety of shades, such as periwinkle blue, cornflower blue, cobalt blue, and royal blue. Sapphires are available in a variety of shapes and cuts such as pear-shaped or oval-cut. No matter what shade, cut or carat weight you want in a blue sapphire pendant, MySapphireSource has the perfect gemstone for you!

This genuine sapphire chain is made of natural, untreated and unheated sapphire beads that have been hand-ground to round disk shapes. These semi-transparent crystals were then faceted and polished, drilled, and strung together to create this stunning blue sapphire pendant. The necklace has a total carat weight of 50 and measures 18 inches in length.

This elegant natural blue sapphire necklace is accented with 28 round-shaped round diamonds. The blue sapphire is 0.58ct in weight and set in solid white gold 14k. The diamonds are 0.10ctw in total and have a clarity of SI (VS). This blue sapphire diamond necklace hangs from a 18 inch cable chain with a spring ring closure.

Necklace Length

Sapphires come in a wide range of colors including royal blue, periwinkle and cornflower. They can be sparkly or velvety depending on the gemstone. We have a large selection of natural sapphire pendants that are available in all shapes and sizes to suit your style.

Most sapphires are found in the earth as a rough crystal that is then carefully cut and polished to reveal the gem’s beauty. Then the gemstone is often heat treated in order to improve its color, luster and clarity. It’s important to understand that most sapphire jewelry on the market today has been heat-treated. In fact, less than 1% are genuine sapphires.

This stunning sapphire pendant has a large star-shaped sapphire cabochon with a rough uneven backside and a nicely polished domed top surface measuring 11.5 mm. The pendant is made of solid 14k yellow gold and weighs 3.44 grams. The sapphire is complemented by a lovely textured pattern on the entire ring face. The ring has a size of 6 1/2, and it is secured by a strong, durable lever-back closure.

This captivating women’s jewelry features a beautiful faceted sapphire surrounded by sparkling round diamonds. The natural faceted sapphire is a deep-blue color and measures 9.7mm in width. The total diamond weight is 1/5 carat. It’s suspended from an 18″ cable chain with a spring-ring clasp.

This sapphire is a natural oval-shaped blue sapphire that has a rich purple color when lit by incandescent light, and reflects dazzling blue-violet colors in daylight. The sapphire is a natural Ceylon (Sri Lanka), sapphire of top quality. It’s completely unheated, and has a natural color. The gem is eye-clean, except for a few small natural inclusions that are only visible under bright illumination. The pendant is made of 14k yellow gold, and comes with a GIA certification.