A woman repairing the car on road

Auto means self and motive means motion, which is a self-moving machine. This is the technology which is used in all moving vehicles in all over the world. This technology is applied to all engines, breaks, etc. In automotive industries includes the design of motors, manufacturing, processing, marketing and selling of motors. The automotive industries are the world-wide industry. It assures safety to those working people. Labors who are working there should not face any health issues or accidental injuries, because safety is the first and foremost thing. The automotive industries are fall into two categories one is car manufacturing and other is interior designing of car parts. Since it is a globally recognized thing and it also offers a lot of job opportunities to the current upcoming generations.

What are the few roles in automotive industries?

It includes smaller and heavier vehicle, agricultural vehicle, and battery related vehicle. We can see one by one.
1: smaller automotive vehicles using to travels for a shortest distance. Here the cars and bikes are used to carry the people.
2: heavier vehicle are used for large scale transportation. The truck and the lorry are the mostly using for the long-distance traveling
3: agricultural vehicle are mostly used by the agriculturist. It is used for the mining’s to harvest the paddy, etc.
4: battery related vehicles are the rechargeable ones. It is independent of petrol and the diesel. Here the electric motors which are run by using the rechargeable batteries.

What is the basic principle behind the automotive vehicles?

We know those automotive vehicles are self-movable. It can also move all around the world without the help of drivers. The global positioning system which is also known GPS, Radio Detection and Ranging (radar) and the computer technology are the main principles through which the automotive vehicle is working.
What are the qualities that make a student successful in the automotive technology?

We know that this technology has a great demand in the future. So gaining a proper knowledge in this field will be

helpful for the students. Basic knowledge in the numerical, decimals, fractions, and the computer fields is some skills required by the students who want to groom their talents in the automotive technology. Along with this deep knowledge in aptitude mechanicals are also needed.

What is an automotive design?

These are the professions who take cares about the development of the external appearance of the vehicle. Automotive designers are the person who is usually having an art background. The designers in this team is split into the three parts which are the exterior designing section, interior designing section, color and the trimming section. The graphics design is also including in the automotive design. The designers’ working here not only focuses on the outer design parts of the machines but also concentrates on the functioning of motors. Automotive designing part is an interesting part among the all and we can learn more from it.