When Is Saturn in Aries? Dates, Meaning, Karma, Houses

Natal charts offer an intimate snapshot of the universe’s energy at the moment you entered this world. To understand When Is Saturn in Aries? Dates, Meaning, Karma, Houses, you’ll need to consider patterns and nuances.


The 12 sections of a natal chart are called houses. Avoid the common misstep of conflating houses with zodiac signs, because they are two different things. Each house represents a unique part of your life. Just like us, the planets also move through each house in an annual progression. If you aren’t familiar with astrology, it’s best to start in the first house, which governs your self-image and sense of identity. This is also the karmic foundation of your relationships and how you interact with the world around you.

When Is Saturn in Aries? Dates, Meaning, Karma, Houses

Your personal resources, your confidence, and your possessions are all located in the second house. It is ruled by the cardinal Earth sign Taurus, and Venus. It is also where you discover your values and find meaning to your life.

If a lot of your planets are in the fiery fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius in the 2nd house, you’re likely energetic, ambitious and optimistic. On the flip side, if you lack any fire sign placements in the house, you may be shy, fearful and pessimistic.

The fourth house, ruled by the intuitive moon and cardinal water sign Cancer, is your inner world, family, home and domestic sphere. It also reveals your nurturing style. Depending on your planetary placements and the sign that rules this house, it can be where you learn about your relationship with your parents or how you’ll treat yourself as a parent.

The sun and fixed-fire sign Leo are the rulers of the fifth house. It oversees pleasure and creativity. It’s where you learn about expressing yourself creatively, such as through art and culture, romance, games and hobbies, and children. You can also look at the asteroid that resides here for clues about your innate sense of fun and playfulness, or the areas in which you might experience emotional bliss.


There are many planets in the natal chart and they each rule a different zodiac. When reading a chart, it is important to note what each of the planets is doing and how they are positioned with other planets in your chart. This will help you to understand your personality and the way you interact with other people.

When two planets come together, their energies naturally blend. If Venus and Mars are conjunct in Sagittarius for example, you’ll be very passionate about your relationships. You may express this through adventurous and fiery sex, or you might find yourself in a very committed partnership. Venus rules the heart and love, while Mars is responsible for energy, passion and action.

The outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn Uranus and Neptune, are also important to a chart, because it takes them a long time before they change signs. These planets are often used to identify generational traits and trends. Pluto in Scorpio (which rules sex) is found in the charts for people born in 90s. This means they have more sexuality than previous generations.

The mode of a planet–cardinal or mutable–gives context to its meaning and influences. A person with many planets in the fire mode, for example, tends to be very motivated and decisive. Similarly, a person with many planets in the earth mode may be very practical and grounded.

Astrologers have noted that if a planet is more prominent in one element or quality compared to another, this becomes your “chart signature.” If you have more planets within the fire sign Leo, than any other sign or quality of fire, Leo would be considered your primary sign.

Finally, a natal chart’s patterning is also important. A dominant pattern can give you an identity that is unique to you. This pattern, depending on its type, can be a strength or a challenge. Mercury in the 8th house, Venus in the 1st and Mars in the 1st could make a person a great communicator, but also a difficult person to stand up for.


The signs in a chart are another layer to understand, and they can influence the direction and meaning of planets in certain houses. For instance, if Mercury is in Capricorn and Pluto is in Cancer, the combination may be an indication of someone who is always seeking growth or new experiences in relationships. This could also be a sign that someone is highly protective of their family, especially if Pluto is in the seventh house of relationships.

The next step involves analyzing each planet according to the sign in which it is located, as well as its nature. The ascendant sign, the house in which the planet is located and its quality will be used to determine how each planet interacts with other elements of your chart. The result is what’s called a “Chart Signature,” which helps to describe the overall tone and feeling of your chart.

If you have a lot Fire Signs in your chart, such as Aries, Leo and Sagittarius then you can be very energetic and optimistic. You probably have a lot of courage, and you might be willing to take risks. You might even be spontaneous or generous at times. If you lack Fire Signs, however, you may be shy, pessimistic or overly cautious, and you might not have a lot of enthusiasm or faith in the future.

Taurus and Pisces, as well as other feminine signs, are known to have a warm heart and be intuitive. If these are the dominant signs in your chart, you may be naturally nurturing and caring. You can also be highly sensitive and easily become swept up by emotions. You probably have a lot of BME energy, which means you are very attuned to other people’s feelings.

There are many online resources for natal chart readings. However, if you want to gain more insight into your life, and the stars in it, then consider working with an astrologist. Quora lists a number of astrologers who are qualified to help you. You can read their reviews and profiles to find the one that best fits your needs. While a consultation will cost you some money, it’s an investment in self-awareness and personal growth that is worth the effort.


The ascendant, also known as the rising star, is the sign that appears in the eastern skies at the time of birth. It is a symbol of your personality, and how you are perceived by others. If your ascendant is in a cardinal fire sign, such as fiery Aries or heart-stirring Leo, you may be an extroverted, confident, assertive and optimistic individual. People who have an ascendant in mutable air sign Aquarius, ruled by game-changing Uranus, are friendly and able to adapt to change. They often take a progressive approach to solving problems and value individuality, which helps them make friends quickly.

The midheaven is your approach to relationships and how you want to be perceived by others. The descendant reveals how you relate to family and home. The imum coeli, or celestial equator, represents your core purpose in this life and what you are here to learn. The Lunar Nodes, or North and South, show where the ecliptic moved at the time of your birth. This shows how your soul’s path intersects with your karma and destiny in this lifetime.

A natal chart weights signs according to their masculine or feminine energy and their elements. It also indicates whether you have a singleton planet that forms the handle of the pattern — aka your “locomotive.” This is a crucial piece of information that gives you a boost of willpower and innate drive.

You can gain insight into your unique strengths and weaknesses by reading your natal chart. It can help you make sense of a challenge, find clarity in your life, and get your career or relationship on track. Many people have a regular astrology practice and come back for natal charts yearly, to make sure they’re on the right track. Of course, it is always fun to find out what the stars have planned for you!