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Those who have lived in Texas long enough know that Texas beaches get busy and crowded during the summer-not to mention the heat and humidity that steams up the atmosphere. An excellent alternative to the Texas Beaches is only down the road from the saltwater in Galveston.

Galveston Island has a hidden hideaway with a white, sandy beach with fresh water. I’m talking about the highly acclaimed Moody Gardens. Some people travel to Moody Gardens for a vacation and some of us natives just get a yearly pass and enjoy it all the time. No matter where you come from-local or just dying to get to Texas (no shame in wanting to come here! We love it, y’all!), you’ll enjoy Moody Gardens and all it has to offer. You could find tranquility at its finest while you enjoy playing เว็บบอล online and try to win as much money.

Moody Gardens is home to a beautiful hotel where spa and convention center meet. This is an ideal place for a family getaway, wedding, or business venture to take place. Onsite restaurants keep you from running all over Galveston Island. Within walking distance are the three pyramids offering a host of family fun and education.

The Aquarium Pyramid® is a beautiful wonder-world of water and sea-life. There are four main exhibits at the Aquarium Pyramid®-The Caribbean Exhibit, South Atlantic Exhibit, North Pacific Exhibit, and South Pacific Exhibit. This is a place where you can travel the seas and view marine life in a unique and fascinating way. They have some exhibits where kids and adults alike can touch starfish, sponges, and sting-rays. These amazing exhibits are so much more than a walk-through aquarium. The hand-on activities bring the fun to life!

The Rainforest Pyramid® takes you deep into the jungles of the world. While here, you’ll visit the Asian, African, and American Rainforests. The humid, damp atmosphere carries you away from your real, ordinary life into a place where adventure and amazing animals loom at every turn. If you search real hard, you’ll even find a sloth hiding up in the treetops! The many species of plants and animals will astonish you!

The Discovery Pyramid® holds special exhibits depending on the season or time of the year. Sometimes you will be surprised by an exciting tour through the human body, visiting ancient dinosaurs or you’ll learn more about pop culture like journeying through the history of music. The Discovery Pyramid ®always has something unique for the family!

If visiting the pyramids isn’t enough fun and adventure, don a pair of 3-D eyeglasses and sit back in the IMAX® theatre. Hourly showings of various films will take you on a journey where you feel like you can reach out and touch everything. The films entertain, educate, and captivate audiences of all ages. Other films include the Ridefilm. These are a blast for everyone as you strap into your ride and experience the latest Ridefilm adventure. The Ridefilm is a cross between sitting in a theatre and riding through the movie screen. You’ll be rocketed right into the film as if you are part of the movie. These films are generally shorter, but an exhilarating little ride! The last type of theatre is the 4-D Special FX Theater®. In this film, you must get ready not only to see the action, but to feel it, smell it, hear it, and experience it with every sense of your being. This unique theater experience is a whole new concept in movie-making!

If you are ready to face the gorgeous Texas sun, head out to Palm Beach® where the sand is white and the water is fresh and blue. This “island-paradise” get away is perfect for even the littlest swimmers. The fun sprayers, cool lagoons, and splashpads are a blast for everyone. Chairs and umbrellas line Palm Beach and surround the water areas. Lifeguards are on duty to maintain a safe environment for the whole family.

The fun at Moody Gardens doesn’t end there. If you need a little boat ride, you can also hop on the Colonel Paddlewheel boat for a mid-afternoon cruise of Galveston Bay or a romantic dinner cruise. The wonderful thing about your whole trip is that everything is at one convenient location-the Moody Gardens grounds. Everything is within walking distance from the hotel. You will feel like you are indeed on your own island!

No matter what, there is plenty to do at Moody Gardens. Whether you are local to the area or just visiting, you’ll leave Moody Gardens feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. You will not leave feeling you need a “vacation from your vacation” to recover! Let Moody Gardens be your sweet, summer Texas escape!