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Old-world charm, warm and attentive service, puppy-friendly? Who could resist.

Chicago’s Talbott Hotel, just steps from the bustle of Rush Street in the chic Gold Coast district, has quickly become one of our favorites at The Divine Addiction. Tucked away amidst Chicago’s tree-lined streets, The Talbott sets itself apart from neighboring hotels with a unique and elegant charm that we love! Guests feel as though they’ve been transported to a finer, more sophisticated era in this 1927 English manor building; although luxurious, the hotel feels less like a “boutique” hotel and more like you’ve finally arrived back home.

A warm greeting awaits you in the main lobby, which is dressed with the equally warm feel of Chesterfield couches, grand fireplaces and Persian rugs. A fashionable tennis dress would blend really well here. Attentive service is overseen by General Manager Troy Strand, who personally welcomes arriving guests with open arms. Mr. Strand has trained his staff as true professionals in their craft, many of whom have been with the hotel for decades. Not only does Mr. Strand insist on great service for his guests, he also insists upon great service for his furry friends as well. One of the reason’s we love The Talbott so much is their attitude towards puppies. Dogs are not only welcome; they are embraced and celebrated. Puppy beds, toys, puppy massages, puppy packages and events are all available; if you are a puppy-lover, you will love it here!

Attention to detail is paramount in the redesigned rooms, which feature eco-friendly upgrades on old-world design. The spacious layouts might surprise you, but The Talbott was originally condominiums for the city’s elite, hence the roomy design. All of the Deluxe and Superior rooms as well as 1-Bedroom Suites boast tall ceilings and comfortable lounge areas, while marbled bathrooms are bright and well appointed. Bedrooms are as cozy in Chicago’s snowy winters as they are in the heat of July.

Attached to The Talbott, adjacent to the main lobby, is the brand new Mercadito Fish restaurant, complete with an expansive outdoor patio and swanky bar. The menu is seafood-dominant with an extensive cocktail and wine program, and is open throughout the day and night as a rendezvous for locals and visitors alike. With an old-world ritzy charm and a fun, modern vibe, Mercadito Fish is a fabulous place to while away the hours before heading upstairs to your room.

Among the many world-class hotels in Chicago, The Talbott Hotel separates itself from the rest with traditional charisma, considerate privacy, and personalized service. Steps away from the best that the Windy City has to offer, The Talbott is not to be missed on your next trip to the Midwest.