A christmas tree

It may be the middle of December and your tree may be up and illuminated, but if you are behind the Christmas ball, there are plenty of fabulous ways to decorate your pine like a pro.  An easy way to create a stunning “treescape” is to go with straight monochromatic tones.

An all white shimmering green tower of needles is our striking favorite.  The stark contrast of a deep verdant color with the crisp perfection of white also conjures up a feeling of winter more than any other.

Want to create your own snow kissed timber? Here are a few things to get you started:


Use a collection of gorgeous white ornaments, ranging from white tinsel, to snowy branches and snowflakes!

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Don’t stop at the tree – continue the snowy theme throughout your household with everything from white wreaths to bowls filled with glass ornaments!


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TIP #1

Try mixing in shades of silver & glass ornaments to add dimension to your whites! 

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TIP #2

If you find white globes or larger ornaments that you love, try buying them in bulk when on sale. That way you can have enough for next year and if any break when in storage or when hanging, you won’t be in a bind to find the same bobbles!

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TIP #3

Use artificial snow and sprinkle it on your tree’s branches. Your spruce will look like it came straight out of a wintery wonderland.

Now you try!  With it being so close to Christmas, it is also when you will find great deals on ornaments, décor and much more for next year!