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The Divine Addiction is always on the lookout for up-and-coming brands that are chic, elegant and affordable…. and we’ve got a new favorite for you!

Gemporia.com is one of our favorite places to find gorgeous and responsibly made jewelry at fabulously affordable prices. Created by Steve and Sarah Bennett, Gemporia is a veritable treasure trove of stunning, reasonably priced and ethically sourced jewels.

Ranging from classic jewelry like diamond engagement rings and tennis bracelets to funky pieces like quartz necklaces and gemstone rings, Gemporia’s collection is drool-worthy and surprisingly affordable.

Sarah designs all of Gemporia’s pieces, indulging in her creativity to produce beautiful jewels inspired by her travels and career in fashion. Architecture, fashion and culture all help to inform her collections, resulting in varied lines that cater to any desires.


Beautiful jewelry shouldn’t cost the earth, nor should it be mass-produced; however, it should leave a legacy for those who wear it and those who help to make it. We love that Gemporia is very concerned with where their gems come from. Whether by chance or design, most of nature’s precious and valued gemstones are found hidden within developing communities.

For that reason, Gemporia’s approach has always been to ensure that their business has a positive impact on the people and environments around it. Gemporia set up The Colorful Life Foundation, an independent charity focused entirely on improving health and education facilities for the people who live in the areas Gemporia’s gemstones come from.

A fabulous company that gives back and cares? We’re in.

White Topaz Bracelet, $119

Aquamarine & Diamond Ring, $398

Tanzanite & Diamond Ring, $105

Oh, and they’re having a SALE  on Gemporia.com until January 19th, so happy shopping!