A woman lying in the legs of a man

A New Year means a New You, and as we get to the end of January, we all might be starting to slack off a bit with those resolutions! While it is still winter and we are mostly covered up, it doesn’t mean that you should forget about training your legs! They might not be “on show,” however, a shapely set of pins does wonders for how you are going to look in those tights. So, break out those neon Nikes and lets work those legs today, so that tomorrow you can reap the rewards of this butt-kicking session!


Set of hand weights (or a gallon water jug or two)

Good music!


Stiff Leg Deadlift  (2 sets of 15)

V Squat   (3 sets of 20)

These are a normal Squat but with feet in V shape (your toes pointing out in V)

Forward and Back Lunges (3 sets of 12)

Wall Hold  (3 sets  at 30 seconds each)

Lying Lateral Leg Raise  (3 sets of 15)

Arabesque Lift (3 sets of 20)


You can do this workout  twice a week. Usually I like to train legs on Monday and then again on Thursday or Friday.

Good luck!