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It’s a combination of excitement, wonder and relief when we find a company that can literally cater to all of your needs at once. That’s how we felt when we stumbled upon LuLu*s, an incredible, extremely affordable fashion hub that literally stocks everything you could ever want. From sexy dresses and sultry shoes; to chic beachwear and fun handbags; visiting their website can literally be a three hour experience.

The fun, fashion-forward website has an amazing array of styles that cater to every event, body shape and preference. The dresses alone include everything from beautiful black tie options to casual brunch dresses. The best part? You don’t have to worry about the price tag. Dresses range from $13 to $270, with most under the $60 point. And don’t worry about the quality – we were thrilled to find out that LuLu*s delivers high quality items that look and feel luxurious.

Our favorite section? LuLu*s black tie options are incredible for their price point. They offer a variety of floor-length options in materials ranging from satin to chiffon. It’s always difficult to find inexpensive black tie items that don’t resemble bridesmaid dresses and LuLu*s is the place to start!

Not only are we enamored with LuLu*s black tie dresses, browsing LuLu*s accessories is also a fun way to lose a few hours. From adorable swimsuits, to cute clutches and on-trend shoes, there really is something for everyone. And keep checking back – the website is update extremely often with new items, sales and fun incentives!

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