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It’s always an exciting day at The Divine Addiction when we find a brand that is chic, elegant and surprisingly affordable… and today’s goldmine is a relative newcomer in the accessories world: Prima donna. With fabulous and reasonably-priced accessories ranging from shoes and hats to jewelry and bags, Prima donna has quickly become our go-to place for fashion-forward, inexpensive accessories.

Prima donna is an accessory haven, featuring a wide array of affordable, chic options.  The sheer quantity of items is astounding – a quick perusal of the site can quickly turn into hours of browsing when you realize just how many items Prima donna has to offer! Their shoe and handbag collections are an excellent combination of the season’s hottest trends and fun classics that will never go out of style. Their jewelry and other accessories are also a creative mix of elegant classics and fun, whimsical trends. The scope of the fashion finds and the quality of the designs contradict their inexpensive price tag!

One of the things we are always hesitant about when it comes to inexpensive accessories is the quality of the goods. Rest assured, considering the price of the items, the quality of the accessories far surpasses other brands in their price range. Bags feature hardware like metal studs, sturdy chains, tassels and other chic alternatives of fantastic quality. We’ve bought our fair share from them and haven’t seen any rusting or fraying yet!

All in all, Prima donna is a fabulous find for all things accessories and we at The Divine Addiction are addicted! Check it out here and let us know what you think!