A necklace on a wooden table

You know that The Divine Addiction prides itself on finding luxurious, chic brands that don’t break the bank and, when we do, we are thrilled! It’s only natural that we share with you our newest obsession, NOW SEEN jewelry. Elegant, fun and fantastically affordable, NOW SEEN combines elegant traditional pieces with fashion-forward trends.

Based in England (don’t worry, they have a US site too!) NOW SEEN focuses on making jewelry that is affordable but durable and high quality. Rings won’t leave your hands stained green, or won’t turn from gold to silver in weeks, which many affordable alternatives will. They are not only gorgeous but they last like you’ve paid a fortune! Given the option to buy stylish pieces that look expensive, at a fraction of the cost, we’re in every time!


Our favorite products include many items in their newer collection. Some of our choices include earrings made of gold-plated filigree with multi-colored pastel stones, little stackable gold rings, elegant chain bracelets with precious stones… we love that NOW SEEN’s jewelry is chic and understated. It’s the kind of jewelry you can wear every day and, now, you don’t have to pay a fortune for it!


Check it out and let us know what you think! NOW SEEN is a great place for gifts, a way to try out new trends, and a fabulous place to get timeless pieces without spending too much. Enjoy!


Visit NOW SEEN.com for more picks!