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I love Spring. I mean, who doesn’t? Flowers start to bloom, you have the option to sport skirts with no need for tights and it’s just a little bit closer to summer! Everyone always knows that Spring means florals and pastels—thanks Easter!—but there are some other trends that have sprouted this year so let’s get to it!



The concept of matching separates head-to-toe used to be considered too loud, but now it’s considered a powerful and confident look. With matching separates, you get the “put together” vibe like you do with a dress but you can also use them with other pieces in your closet. My dresses make their statement once and can’t be worn again too soon after, which makes the beauty of separates all the more appealing. But for now, let’s focus on how two is better than one.




Gurl, pleats. This trend can be lady-like or bad ass. It’s all how you wear them. The pastel or floral route, you’re skirting a Lady Who Lunches title. With a fitted faux leather jacket or vest, you pretty much give off the vibe that you’re CEO of the HBIC Club. Either way, they’re in so put them on.




This more casual take on the fancy man’s tuxedo bottoms, you can still wear these to work or even on a stroll in your neighborhood. The best thing about this look is that you’ll be able to master your man’s look even better than he can. Sorry Sean, but let’s be honest, girls always win. Add some heels and voila! It’s sexy. Top with a sheer or fitted blouse to show that you’re also a woman. But whatever you do, channel the confidence that tuxedos innately carry and you’re in business.


Keep your florals, ladies. It’s no surprise flowers show up in Spring fashion. However, this year, there are some fun new ways to sport them. Backpacks, matching separates and crop tops reflect the reoccurring concept but with a new way to make it flourish!


Rock a pastel shoe or purse with your florals and you’ll be ready for the proper brunch you’re obviously heading to! Don a faux leather jacket and white pumps over any floral fit for a fresh night out.

Until next time!