We are so excited to present our newest creation, The Monte Carlo Necklace, in collaboration with BTB Jewelry. Our editor, Pandora wanted to create a versatile day-to-night necklace that you can wear 3 different ways. Perfect for work, play and travel, just how we like it!

We love pieces that are affordable and multi-functional, so we created something that can cater to any occasion! For just $56, you get 2 separate gold necklaces – a chunky gold chain and a more delicate crystal chain. You can wear them individually or together for a total of 3 separate looks.


Wear the CHUNKY CHAIN to meetings or for a low-key night out, the DELICATE CRYSTAL CHAIN to a sophisticated daytime lunch, or PAIR THEM TOGETHER for an incredible statement! It’s perfect for packing light and for taking an outfit from day to night in no time!

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