A large body of water
After a rigorous schedule all year—Housewives, opening my new lounge bar, Sur, my daughter getting married, an exhausting book tour and finally my beloved spaniel dying—I was desperate for a much-needed break, a brief respite from a tumultuous year…where could we go to escape our daily rituals? Somewhere not too far from Los Angeles as I detest wasting a whole day traveling when time is of the essence! We decided on Cabo San Lucas. I had stayed there a few times (rented a house and stayed in several hotels, one being The Palmilla) but this had been twenty years previously so I was excited to see the changes.
The One and Only Palmilla—what an exquisite little gem this is. The lush landscaping coupled with unique artifacts sporadically displayed along the endless little paths, staff pass you and greet you with a hand to the heart; a gentle gesture that captures the true spirit that the hotel has to offer… 
Many times I have stayed in hotels where the ambience doesn’t reflect the surroundings; the Palmilla is decorated in a style that exemplifies the warmth and natural beauty that Cabo has to offer. Rooms are sumptuous with every little detail taken care of: beautiful white studded Mexican doors, plush towels, fluffy pillows and lovely sheets, your own personal butler, and room service that is always prompt, which is so important, not a forty five minute wait.
I was so impressed by the standard of service. On the beach, by the pool, staff bring pillows for your knees, iced water sprays, neck rolls… nothing is too much trouble. The beach is akin to some of the finest beaches I have seen in the Caribbean. The fact that this beach is private makes it seem mostly deserted and not inundated with jewelry traders and cruise ships like so many other places in Cabo. I also really appreciate the fact that they acknowledge the stress one feels when our children are jumping and making the noise that all children should be entitled to make on what is their vacation too, so they have created two pools, the second for adults only… perfection.
We dined in Agua a couple of times, which is a relaxed but elegant restaurant – if you reserve a table I recommend one by the fire. Just the bread with hummus and sweet pepper tapenade that preceded our appetizers was enough, the margaritas are as large as I have ever seen, and the menu was creative for one that also might not be an avid fan of Mexican cuisine.
I, by my own admission, am entranced by design and seeking perfection. The Palmilla’s spa delivers that…the little nooks and niches offer a plethora of services, down little winding paths. The utter tranquility that descends on you as you decompress from this stressful life and inhale the scent that wafts through the gardens makes this place heaven on earth.
This could be an endless litany singing the praises of the Palmilla –I have to admit that when it comes to vacations and searching for paradise, it really is…The One And Only!
Love always,
Lisa xxx