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The Top Luxury Vacation Destinations for 2012


If there is one thing people in Beverly Hills know how to do, it’s vacation – and they pull out all the stops to delve into the most decadent travel destinations.  With locations in Beverly Hills, New York City, Massachusetts, London (and more) industry professionals at Protravel International are up to date on the best of the best in vacation destinations. Here is an inside peek into the locations currently in demand by their luxury clientele for 2012:

London – Clients are hopping in jets to get their seats at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Dubai – Beautiful architecture and bountiful shopping opportunities lure guests from all over the world to this warm destination on the Arabian Peninsula.

Africa – Requests are pouring in from clients wanting to go on African Safaris.

Egypt – With the breathtaking pyramids, rich history, and incredible cruises down the Nile River, it’s no wonder this country is featured on the list of most requested destinations.

Wild Card – For those who truly aren’t limited by finances the sky is, quite literally, the limit.  Guests are now booking private jet expeditions – complete with about 78 travelers as well as a full staff for trips around the globe.

What would be your dream destination?

Information courtesy of Protravel International

Locations in USA & London


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