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There’s nothing worse than being unprepared during NYFW… here are our tips and tricks to surviving the hectic week and what to include in your bag!

Come prepared and you’ll thank me for it!

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1. Water, water, water. Enough said.

2. Foldable flats. These Yosi Samra ones are chic, fashionable and a lifesaver! Available at YosiSamra.com

3. Advil. I need it after a day of running around and sitting under the lights!

4. Hair ties. The perfect way to stay collected after running from one show to another.

5. Phone charger and external battery pack. All that instagramming takes its toll! This stripy ChicBuds one is adorable and very compact!

6. Snacks. You might not have time to eat, so pack snacks!

7. Camera. Nothing better than front row photos to feature on The Divine Addiction!

8. Perfume. A chic roll-on perfume like this one from Inkling will make you feel like a normal human being at the end of a long, hectic day!

9. Dry Shampoo. The best way to look perfect after a sprint to the next show!

10. iPhone. For all your social media needs.

11. Small Notebook & Pen. I love to take notes at shows, especially if I’m covering them! Also great for networking and helping to remember names. This on-the-go Cross set is perfect!

12. Sunglasses. These Chilli Beans ones are instantly chic and will be essential while making your way from show to show!

13. Business Cards. Never know who you’ll meet!

14. Hand Sanitizer & Mints. You’re going to meet a lot of people!

15. Makeup touchups. Make sure you stay fresh in case any street photographers love your outfit!

16. iPad with Cover. For subway & Uber travel, sitting at a coffee shop, or in case of delays! I load mine with books & NYFW info. Just don’t use it to take photos at the shows, ok? Cover by GiGi New York. 

17. An Extra Necklace. Easiest way to switch up your outfit from show to show is to switch out your jewelry! My new necklace, The Monte Carlo, comes in 2 pieces, and you can wear them separately or together- giving you 3 looks in one day! Available at BTBjewelry.com

18. Headphones. Why not look cute while traveling between shows? These Frends headphones are amazing!



Running around all day, crammed into hot spaces filled with people, can leave you dehydrated and feeling terrible. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day so that you can enjoy your NYFW experience to the fullest!


What you wear to NYFW is obviously important, but don’t neglect comfort! The last thing you want to do is miss out on a show because your feet are killing you and you have to go home! Make sure to bring things like foldable flats, hair ties and Advil so you can stay refreshed and comfortable throughout the day!


Fashion Week is as hectic as it gets, so make sure to plan your week in advance! Know where you’re going, plan time to get there, have your credentials ready, and don’t be late! The better organized you are, the more fun you’ll have.


September in NYC can be hot, cold, raining, humid, snowing or all of the above. Layering your outfit is the best way to make sure you are prepared for all of the possibilities. There’s nothing worse than being bundled up for the outside cold and melting inside under the bright lights next to hundreds of people!


With New York traffic and potential weather problems, running late is always an option. Add in frenzied confusion at the entrances to shows, street photographers and a stampede of fashion bloggers and you can easily find yourself behind in time and starting to panic. Don’t! Almost every NYFW show starts 20-30 mins late, so take a breath and make your way inside!