A plane sitting on top of a suitcase

With airfare being sky high (pun intended), and an additional charge to check any baggage, it seems as though everyone is “carrying on” their luggage nowadays. We believe being stylish knows no boundaries… so take a look at these little carry ons for some chic mile-high inspiration. You will be sure to look stylish and attractive…and they’ll distract from any bulges caused by cramming all of your shoes into one bag!


1. Modern Design Luggage – Gloss, $103

2. Tumi Vapor Continental Carry On, $371.99

3. Buti Pink Leather Travel Bag, $324.50

4. Tumi ‘Tegra-Lite’ Continental Carry On, $595

5. Square Plaid Luggage, $163.78

6. Cambridge Carry On Spinner Luggage, $89.99

7. Delsey Helium Colors Carry On, $79.99

8. Gucci Leather Carry On, $2850

9. Brics ‘Bojola’ Collection, $730

10. Heys ‘Crown D Elite’ Luggage, $250 

11. Le Donne Leather Duffel, $203.82

12. Delsey Helium Carry On, $149.99

13. Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Duffel, $528