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One of my favorite places to visit while in New York is Eataly. Brought to you by a variety of renowned and celebrated names in the food and drink industry, including Mario Batali, Eataly is a veritable Mecca of all things Italian and delicious. Featuring over 10 restaurants and cafés, including a rooftop Birreria, the supersized haven is the perfect mix of decadent eatery, vibrant grocery store, cultural instruction and culinary genius.

When you walk into Eataly, the lively and energetic ground floor immediately immerses you into Italian culture. With an emphasis on quality ingredients and authentic brands, your senses are bombarded by colorful vegetables, hand-crafted pastas, fresh seafood, fabulous cheeses, incredible meats and a variety of other Italian delights. Do yourself a favor and peruse the over-stuffed aisles; nibble on salty Pecorino, indulge in a wine tasting of rich Italian wines, sample freshly shaved Prosciutto and buy some fresh tagliatelle to take home with you.


When you are done shopping, head up to the top floor, where the Birreria is located. One of the most perfect places in NYC to enjoy a warm summer afternoon, the Birreria is an open-air, rooftop beer garden and brewery serving fabulous beers, wines and fresh, gourmet food. Relax, sip a glass of rosé or a refreshing Italian beer and indulge in a cheese or antipasto platter.


One of my favorite things at Eataly was their simple and unbelievably delicious Heirloom Tomato Caprese salad. Click here for our version of this fabulous summer dish.


Although located in many Italian cities and other towns worldwide, as of right now, in the USA Eataly exists only in NYC. However, get excited, as they are soon opening another Eataly in Chicago!



200 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10010