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With the dawn of every new year comes the inevitable resolution to get organized and stay organized. With PurseN’s chic jewelry and travel cases, keeping clutter-free is easier than ever!


With trends and fashions changing monthly, if you’re anything like us, your accessories are the things that get updated the most. We love that it’s easy to transition one simple black dress from one trend to another just by switching up the look with different inexpensive accessories… what we don’t love is the inevitable clutter that accompanies them!


Luckily, we have found an answer to our troubles! One of our favorite new addictions is PurseN. With gorgeous travel and jewelry cases that compartmentalize your accessories into easy, accessible pockets, PurseN’s line helps to keep your jewelry cabinet streamlined, your pieces easy to find and everything tangle free! And the best part? You don’t need to re-organize for travel – just zip and pack!


The thing that we love most about Purse N is that they aren’t only perfect for travel they are gorgeous enough to display. The outside of the cases range from padded neutrals, to black lace over blush silk, to leopard print…so there is something for everyone. With similar styles in many different case-options you can have a matching set for all your toiletries, jewelry and more. Enjoy!

Check out the rest of the collection here !