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You’ve taken care of all of the details leading up to your week (or more!) away from home. The dates are set, tickets booked, and your mind is already drifting towards all of the decadent indulgences you know you deserve. Now let us share with you five simple ways to bring a little more luxury to your time away!

Unwrap your wardrobe – One of the best parts of bringing home luxury items after purchasing them is removing them from the bag and unwrapping them from the tissue paper the sales associate so carefully wrapped them in.  It’s a trademark move of many luxury brands – and with good reason! So, take a cue from the pro’s and wrap your special wardrobe items (delicate under things, cashmere sweaters, and silk blouses) in neutral hued tissue paper before packing them in your suitcase.  We promise – it’ll feel like a luxury purchase when you open your suitcase! You could even bring clubs from www.golf-clubs.com if you wish to use nothing but the best should you decide to play golf.

Breathe deeply – The sense of smell is the one most strongly linked to memory.  Who doesn’t have certain scents that bring them back to certain times? Ensure you’ll relive your vacation moments over and over by purchasing small amounts (most luxury brands sell airline regulation sized portions now) of delicate soaps and special perfumes. Use them for the first time during your week away, and on any special occasion after your vacation to instantly bring you back to the zen of vacation!

Play hide and seek – Whether you’re traveling with your sweetie or with your best friend, pack one surprise item in each other’s suitcase. Fun items include anything from sexy lingerie, a fun new piece of jewelry, or a great book you know your loved one will love indulging in. No peeking! (Word of advice: only do this with someone you trust! Nobody wants to get pulled into security for unwittingly transporting stolen gems or something equally as awkward!)

Music to your ears – This one is super simple. Create a special playlist on your choice of Mp3 player to set the mood for fun and relaxation. Listen to it as soon as you arrive and after you leave to bring the mood back. You could even set a playlist when you play 해외배팅사이트 online, so you could relax your mind and potentially win lots of money.

Toast to you – Pop a bottle of champagne when you arrive and toast to your taking time out of your busy life to relax and indulge! Need we say more? What’s more luxurious or fabulous than champagne?!

These may seem like small adjustments on their own but, when combined, they will most definitely take your vacation experience to a more luxurious level! Now kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride!