A person riding on top of a grass covered field

There is a certain nostalgia that comes with considering the airline travel of yesteryear.
Images are conjured up of men and women dressed in their Sunday best, smiling white gloved stewardesses, and an all around glamorous experience.  While there have undoubtedly been vast improvements in airline travel in the form of inexpensive ticket prices, safer flying standards, flights equipped with the latest movies and wi-fi, there has most definitely been a deterioration in the glamour of it all – or at least in our perception of the glamour.  All of the advancements that make flying accessible and more popular have come at a price – due to long lines and regulations, airline travel has gone from a luxury to a burden.  Is it possible to retain the improvements and get back the glamour of it all?  While there is little we can do about the long lines and security checks (and really, would we want to sacrifice safety?!), there are most definitely steps we can take to bring some old Hollywood glamour back to your next flight.

Dress the Part

In the time of airline travel before mile long lines and security checkpoints, men and women used to take dressing the part of the glamorous jet setter very seriously.  Men wore their finest suits and women could be seen in designer dresses with their finest jewelry on.  While it isn’t necessary to pile on every ounce of jewelry you own and constrict yourself in a tight pencil skirt, are sweatpants really appropriate? There is a way to look divine without sacrificing comfort, and it comes in the form of fabrics that look and feel luxurious like cashmere, silk, and jersey.  Experiment with different in-flight outfits like a jersey dress with a buttery soft leather jacket or a black cashmere sweater with black leggings and flats.  Complete the look with one piece of statement jewelry like a jeweled belt, chandelier earrings, or a necklace that can’t be ignored.  Also, sleek sunglasses are always glamorous. Not only will you look more sleek and sophisticated but, with the softness of the fabrics, you’ll feel like you’re in your most comfortable clothing.

Be a Backseat Rider

With the price of gas as high as it is, long term airport parking fees being through the roof, and the drive to the airport being rushed and inconvenient, not only is it less stressful to rent a car service to bring you to and from the airport, but it may also end up being less expensive. What could be more glamorous than having someone else do the driving and stepping out from behind the tinted windows of the car feeling relaxed and ready for the travel ahead of you?

Treat Yourself  

Treating yourself to little indulgences is as glamorous now as it was in the past – it never goes out of style!  With the restrictions we place on ourselves every day—saving money, not eating unhealthy food, teetering in uncomfortable high heels—it’s no doubt we’re in more need of vacations than ever before.  Indulge and enjoy from the minute you step into the airport and onto the plane.  Bring a bar of your favorite luxury chocolate, stash a pair of cashmere slippers to slide on once you’re in your seat, or treat yourself to the martini you like best.   There are so many ways to be a little glamorous – have fun finding the ways that suit you best!

Air travel will most definitely keep changing and improving in the coming years.  Though it is tempting to give in to the exhausting process of it all, throw your hair in a pony tail, dive into sweatpants, and resign yourself to the misery that air travel has become, we urge you to go against the grain and bring the glamour into your next trip.  You’ll feel better and more excited and everyone will want to emulate your fabulous airport style!