A cake sitting on top of a picnic table

One of my friends (and fellow Divine Addiction writer!) Jenet had an incredibly beautiful baby shower last year and I thought I would share some of the details with you! Relaxed, intimate and so perfectly executed, this baby shower was a dream.

With a soft palette of peony pinks, delicate creams and lush garden greens, this baby shower was perfectly feminine without being overly saccharine. That’s Jenet in a nutshell actually– never too pink, never too girly, but always exuding femininity.   

It was a delightful combination of pastoral elegance and vintage charm.

The Décor

Jenet has a beautiful house with a flourishing garden that made for the perfect location to host her guests. Jenet used rustic wooden pieces, repurposed metals, vintage accents and handwritten chalkboards…all of these things combined to make an atmosphere that was special and gorgeous while also being intimate and cozy.   

Filling Jenet’s garden were rustic wooden tables laid with vintage-inspired silverware, plates and glasses. The main piece was a stunning wooden arbor decorated with olive branches and leaves that shaded the buffet. Laden with food and stuffed with laid-back florals, this was the focal point as you entered and set the tone for the entire party.

The Flowers

As Jenet was welcoming baby girl Vivienne, the garden was accented with delicate pinks and feminine touches. Each vase held a different arrangement, ranging from bright peonies and roses to neutral cowslip and greens. Mixing all of these different types of flowers together really added to the luscious garden atmosphere and kept things fresh and modern.

The Food

This baby shower was an intimate gathering of close friends and family, and the food reflected that. Light and summery, the menu included tiny sandwiches, gorgeous salads and bright vegetables. It was easy, relaxed and delicious and served on gorgeous vintage-inspired glass plates.

The Drinks

The rustic vintage-garden theme continued to the bar. Along with wine, mason jars filled with Hibiscus Tea & Lemonade (both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions!) were sealed and stocked in casual tin ice buckets.


I loved the ice cubes frozen with edible flowers inside to drop into your cocktail… so unique. The adorable addition of colorful straws and glasses made for the perfect summer bar.

The Little Touches

This was, after all, Vivienne’s day, and the little personal touches reflected that. Guests were invited to guess when Vivienne will arrive and to write a “Letter to Vivienne” with all their hopes for her future that were placed into envelopes and sealed into a gorgeous album.

Guests could decorate onesies and tiny baby shoes, which was not only fun and entertaining but also added to the garden décor once left to dry!

Lastly, the gorgeous cake was decorated in roses to match the invitations and Letters to Vivienne. To the delight of many child (and adult!), an ice cream truck rolled in late in the afternoon, making the perfect end to a perfect day.

All in all, the shower was a gorgeous celebration of new life, love and family. Everything from the décor to the food was cozy, relaxed and remarkably special. I hope it inspires you to think outside the box and host your own gorgeous garden parties this summer! I know I will be!