A group of people standing in front of a crowd

To begin on the runway you always step up onto the ramp with your right foot, immediately placing your left foot in front. Your feet should be at twelve-o-clock and two-o-clock, with your weight on your back leg, which is your right leg. Your weight is always on your back leg on the runway. You need to be looking straight ahead, so that if you made an L with your fingers starting from your collarbone touching your chin, the L would never be bent. You never look at your audience, to do so would be to distract them from the clothing, however, since this is a conservative market you do need to smile. If you are looking to boost your shopping budget, you might want to consider playing some fun แทงบอลออนไลน์ online.

You begin walking with your left foot. If your weight is on your right leg it will feel natural to begin with your left. If you continually find yourself beginning with your right, you probably have misplaced your weight. Just step one foot in front of the other, none of the dramatic leg crosses and hip-work you see on E. This is not high fashion, it is Wisconsin, and we are expected to look wholesome.

Once you are halfway down the runway, you may do a full-turn to show the front half of your audience the outfit. To do this you place your right foot a few inches to the left of the front of the toes of your left foot. Then you get up on the balls of your feet and pivot, as in ballet. Once you have pivoted as far as possible you step out with your left foot and continue walking. This is a complicated step, make sure not to spin too fast or dip with your head. You need to appear graceful, not humorous.

Once you reach the end of the runway you will pose for about three seconds. Think of the outfit during this pose, your body language needs to make it look its best. When you are finished with your three seconds take your left foot back, and on the balls of your feet pivot so that you are facing the other way. This is called a half turn. You begin walking again with your left foot, and now you just strut off of the ramp. Congratulations, you have mastered the local runway!